Followed Astray

by Sean Broemmelsiek



The light it creeps before me
And the sun goes out in time for the lightning rain

A darkness seeps around me
A culture wrought by faults in their logical heads

Follow the leader
Bring them to the heaters
Fear doth betray you
Division enslaves you
Just because you know doesn't mean that you are right

Some think that confidence show's competence
Dissidence shows knowledge
Frivilous is conflict
And affluence is promised
But creation is not equal so we all must make due


released June 29, 2016




Sean Broemmelsiek California

Chill, jazzy electronic music for all to enjoy.

Most Art Provided by @memoryruins (, Kael (, and diytto (

Jam Soundcloud: @Saphere


(A.K.A. Sean Broemmelsiek)
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